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"I first contacted the Family Law clinic half way though my court journey. I was stressed, confused and had no idea what to expect.

Nicky told me exactly what I needed to hear and gave me focus and support when I really needed it most. As a self representing person, Nicky gave me invaluable guidance which ultimately led to maintaining custody of my daughter and being able to relocate.

Nicky has a flexible approach, which fitted around me and the affordability of the sessions really lifted stress from a already stressful situation.

I am lucky to of found Nicky and will recommmend to anyone I know needing assistance in family law."

(Kirsty, Children Act proceedings, relocation, 2019)

"For anyone wanting legal advice help or support, you must use family law clinic. Nicky helped me through my divorce and made a hard process easier. The help and guidance was invaluable and I wasn’t charged exuberant prices. Couldn’t have wished for better people to help me 😊😊😊😊"

(Divorce and Financial Settlement. P. Hartness, 2019)

"The Family Law Clinic really deliver results! When my ex refused to let me see my daughter for 6 months, I felt my world had ended and I couldn’t stop my tears. Then an old friend recommended Nicky to resolve the problem for me. It wasn’t long before I had a Court Order which guarantees me contact every week, long weekends and half of all holidays. Nicky was affordable, understanding, fair, hard working, reliable and friendly"

(Anthony J. FY2018/2019)

"I would highly recommend the Family Law Clinic. In what was a highly stressful time, I found Nicky’s services to be extremely valuable. Nicky was both warm and understanding, very knowledgeable and brought me a lot of reassurance throughout the court proceedings, helping secure the successful outcome I was after.

(J. Harris, . . . Children Act Final Hearing. August 2018)

"I am so grateful to have found the Family Law Clinic Ltd, when I was going through my Divorce in 2014 when I had no one to turn to for help and could not afford a high street Solicitor, to take my ex-wife to court for Financial remedy. After mediation had broken down between myself and my ex-wife who was being very difficult and refusing to pay me my share of the F.M.H after our 17 yrs of marriage had broken down.

I then turned to the Internet searching for help on how to represent yourself at court. That's when I came across the website of Family Law Clinic Ltd. After reading what they do, I then booked an appointment with Nicola Matheson-Durrant. Upon meeting Nicola she made me feel so relax about my situation with her knowledge of the way Courts work and my Marital rights. Nicola also made me aware of the whole idea of representing myself in court (being a Litigant in Person) and having a MCKENZIE FRIEND to support me in court, which is one of the services she offers at the Family Law Clinic Ltd. From that point on I chose to represent myself in Court with the help of Nicola as my Mckenzie Friend.

Nicola, with her expertise, helped me with corresponding with my ex-wife's Solicitors and the Courts from filling out forms and preparing position statements and questions to my ex-wife who was being very difficult throughout the whole case till the end. But with Nicola's help I managed my own case and got the settlement I wanted and now I can move on with my life.

I am so grateful to have met Nicola when I did. I would highly recommend the Family Law Clinic Ltd to anyone who is going through any Family Matters and who can’t afford a high street Solicitor."

(Fabian Philip . . . Divorce, Financial Remedy Proceedings, Enforcement proceedings, 2018)

“......... I decided to contact the Family Law Clinic having seen one of their cars in my local area.

From my initial consultation through to my days at court, Nicola was an absolute shining star. She was professional throughout, helped and guided me through the entire process but most importantly, she treated me and made me feel like a real person and not just a client.

Although Family Law clinic are not solicitors and you have to do most of the work yourself in applying to court, writing statements and they cannot speak on your behalf in court. I got over and above with the access I wanted from the courts, despite my ex partner having both a solicitor and a barrister for a fraction of the cost.

I will never be able to recommend Nicola and the family law clinic enough. Any father who is thinking about fighting for access through the courts, please try the family law clinic, you DO NOT need expensive solicitors!"

(2018 James)

".........I am going to try and watch your show on Monday. I am sure you will come across brilliantly. You are a good communicator and have a really nice sense of humour coupled with the fact you come across in a nice way as very bright and a quick thinker! But to have all those qualities and be a good listener too is great. Also you have a way of being able to be honest with people and straight, but you do it with empathy...."

(Miss M, Berkshire, 2018)

“Hi Nicola,

Hope all is well.

I didn't get a chance to thank you for your assistance during my court case.

All is good now and I have access to my daughter.

Many thanks"

(Mr M, London, 2018)

"I found the services provided by the Family Law Clinic indispensable throughout my long divorce. From our initial mediation visit, to preparing me for court in relation to children’s act proceedings and financial settlement. Nicola was knowledgeable, supportive, understanding and very approachable. She is cheaper than solicitors and offers in my opinion the same quality advice and support required to present your case clearly, accurately and concisely. The services of a McKenzie friend and legal services should be highlighted as much as possible to educate the vast majority of people who face court alone or a very large bill from a solicitors firm. The Family Law Clinic are passionate about changing people perspective and understanding of family law matters and I cannot recommend them enough.


(Mrs H, Berkshire, 2017)

"I first contacted Family Law Clinic after previously attending court to gain alternate weekends with my daughter. The first time I went to court I used a solicitor and I paid a vast amount of money for his services, including pay per minute phone calls and fees for his time reading and writing letters. After three years of alternate weekends I felt it was time to increase my time with my daughter and Nicola, at Family Law Clinic was a very welcome alternative to a solicitor. Her knowledge, support and guidance surpassed my expectations, not to mention her affordability. Nicola supported me through face to face meetings, editing letters and statements for court and numerous phone conversations, as and when I needed them. The whole process was made simple with Nicola on my side and I achieved all I wanted to in court, and more.

Thank you Nicola,

Kind Regards"

Luke Hall (September 2016)

"Perhaps, like so many other people in the country, I tuned in one morning to a BBC One interview where Nicola Matheson-Durrant of the Family Law Clinic explained about her discovery of the errors in the Form E. I will always be grateful that I did so, for Nicola became more than a McKenzie Friend. She was a real friend to me in the final lap of a four-year acrimonious divorce battle. She helped me prepare for the Final Hearing over the course of the last two months (yes, it went all the way, because my husband would not settle). She advised me how to update my Financial documentation, and how to edit and structure my Open Offer, Case Summary, Skeleton Argument, Position Statement, Index to the Trial Bundle, Opening speech and Cross Examination Questions. She then helped me reduce the size of my proposed Trial Bundle from 4 lever arch files down to one! She coached me on presenting my case, took down the notes in Court and prompted me to ask the right questions, especially when I was in a haze. Having Nicola sitting next to me calmed me down, and I believe that I came across well and sincere to the Judge. I am pleased to say that the outcome of the hearing was exactly what I had asked the Judge to order, which for a self-representing person, was remarkable. I will say that Nicola was indeed a God-send."

(Dr F. Isaacs-Sodeye, 2016)
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