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We have two options for you to make email enquiries.

If you want to contact us concerning Sales, service or an initial email consultation then please click below. The subject in your email to us will automatically be set to 'Sales/Service/Initial email consultation':

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If, however, you want to contact us concerning Recruitment or training then please use the link below and your email subject will state that you are contacting us because you are interested in 'Free Seminars/ Jobs/ Training'

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Land line:   01344 876645
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Or, send a text enquiry to the Head Office mobile:  07936 250644

Or, write to Head Office in Ascot, Berkshire
At your appointment, online, or pay Head Office by card.

We accept payment by credit and debit card, BACS and CHAPS, cheques. 

We prefer not to accept cash.   We accept payment at the end of your consultation, or on a pre-paid basis if you are instructing us to carry out a service/all-inclusive package for you.

Payment terms:  To make a credit or credit card payment in person, please phone:
Family Law Clinic Ltd Order Processing at Head Office on Tel.  01344 876645.
If you are Deaf and wish to pay for a service using your Debit card, and you are not present at Head Office at the time, you will be required to text in your Debit card details, in confidence, to Head Office, unless you would prefer to email them in to us.

Cancellation Policy:
We welcome courteous clients, and will go out of our way to help you at all times.  Please provide your adviser with at least 24 hours notice if you cannot attend your consultation.  Your adviser will then offer you a new day and time, and be able to re-schedule their diary for you and other clients. 

Cancellations/non-attendance without notice: 
Unless you have an emergency and contact us immediately, we charge a £70 penalty fee for an appointment which is not attended and no prior notice by way of cancellation is given, unless the appointment is re-booked by the client and attended within 5 days, in which case the £70 penalty is waived.

These are the service levels that clients can expect to receive from all lay legal advisers:

.Reliability - Up-to-date, appropriate information and advice
.Communication - Response to all email/phone messages within 24 hour
.Efficiency - Work completed correctly within 7 days
.Honesty and integrity* - To be invoiced for the correct amount
.Professionalism - courtesy. respect, confidentiality always
.Punctuality - arriving at appointments or Courts in good time & prepared
.Performance - issues promptly processed, addressed & resolved



Where clients feel their lay adviser has not met these service levels and are not fully satisfied,please email Head Office by clicking the envelope. The subject of the mail will automatically be set to, 'Service Levels Complaint':

Head Office will acknowledge, process and address complaints within 21 days.

Our consultants are prohibited from accepting or instructing clients to pay them personally.  All client payments are payable to the 'Family Law Clinic' only. 

If one of our consultants asks you to pay them personally or does not immediately provide you with one of our standard Company Invoices in receipt of payment, you must report them immediately to Head Office.

Email usClick to contact us if you would like advice concerning Service Levels Complaints.

The Family Law Clinic are not Solicitors

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