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My Story
NickyI’m Nicky Matheson-Durrant, the Director of the Family Law Clinic. Over 15 years ago, I set up and ran the first, low cost legal advice service for people going through family law disputes. It was the first, affordable alternative to Solicitors. Of course, the business has always been very popular, and so I have been very busy.

For the last 5 years I haven’t really taken my health very seriously, at all. In fact, I have been working 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, and sometimes all Saturday and Sunday. I wasn’t taking exercise, and was turning into a couch potato. As a result, I have become more and more anxious and stressed about my weight, the quality of my life and my inert life style. I’ve always suffered from IBS and acid indigestion, and spent quite alot of time in hospital, for one reason or another.

The impact of just working and leading a fairly inactive life, has been that my acid indigestion became worse and worse, and I was drinking antacid drinks almost every day and night. I had loads of little niggles inside and outside of my body, had dreadful acid reflux daily, my oesophogus was always over sensitive and I regularly couldn’t swallow my food. My body was really trying to tell me that things were just not ok. I knew that I just had to change, BUT the change had to be meaningful, effective, and sustainable.

Then, out of the blue, one of my clients told me about the Forever Living products, and brought me some to try. I started using the products with an almost immediate effect. Forever’s primary products are based on high quality, high concentration Aloe Vera gel, which has been recognized throughout the centuries as ‘the miracle plant’ and ‘the healing plant’, because of its anti-inflamatory, anti-bacterial, anti-biotic, anti-fungal properties, containing anti-oxidants and dozens of active compounds. I am very impressed and relieved with the dramatic, positive effect on my various, serious health conditions.
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The Results
Forever’s Aloe Vera drinking gels are 90-96% pure aloe, which aids digestion, cleanses and balances our system, supports the immune system, is packed with anti-oxidants and has 75 active compounds. I’ve been drinking a glass of it every day for 2 months, and routinely using a dozen of their other products . I’ve only had acid reflux three times, my various skin problems are under control , I’ve no longer got such an uncomfortable digestive system, I’ve got better skin tone, and have tons more energy. Family and friends are now also converts.

My Clients
However, that is not the reason for including health and wellbeing on my business website.

I thought about my clients and how stressful their lives can be, and how they have to endure life changing circumstances and court orders. I couldn’t be so selfish as to leave them out.

Because my clients go through far worse anxiety and stress than I do, and many of them suffer from dreadful health problems, the most obvious next step was to ensure that my clients and their friends and families had access to a natural product range that would support them through their legal journeys, and life in general. My clients really appreciate that, and many of them are converts now, also. I believe that I am the first legal advice service to offer clients a health and wellbeing support service. Hopefully, other legal service providers will take ‘a leaf’ out of my book!

Now, as a Forever Business Owner, I am involving everyone who is interested in becoming or staying fit and healthy, and this is my way of helping.

Your Health and Wellbeing
By clicking on my banner above, or below, you can browse my Forever Living online store and order any of their amazing products. If you can’t make up your mind, just email me here through the usual Family Law Clinic email address, and I will help you make your choice. I use most of the products daily now, and can give you some pretty good insight into most of them. You are also welcome to ask me how to join my team of Forever Business Owners.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.
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