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Clear your diaries for the family law event of the year!

✨7th-8th November 2019   
✨Venue: Jagz, Ascot Station, Ascot, Berkshire, UK
✨Presenter: Nicola Matheson-Durrant, Director of the Family Law Clinic Ltd
1 FREE Prize Draw for all attendees with a Cash Prize of GBP200
2 AFFORDABLE Intensive training for new business start-ups/charity staff.
3 AFFORDABLE intensive course for new law graduates
4 AFFORDABLE Essential information and legal advice for litigants/clients currently going through family court proceedings without a Solicitor or Barrister, or you are planning to do so.
5 Become an ‘expert’ in your own family law case.
6 Be the expert yourself if you can’t afford or want to sack your Solicitor or barrister.
7 Gain true understanding - this course will provide you with an invaluable insight into the machinery of justice.
 8 VERSATILE AND AFFORDABLE An ideal Masterclass if you live in the UK or anywhere in the world. You do not have to live in the UK to operate this business model or provide UK family law advice to clients.
9 This is the most unique, tailored course there is and ever has been, and you will be the first ones to attend it.
10 You will receive Certification which you will be able to include in your CV.

Email for Information/Tickets/Registration: Email us or call us on 07936 250644.
Click the link symbol to download the Masterclass details document and the Masterclass Enrolment document. They are each in a Zip file which is very small in size. Please complete the enrolment form an email a copy to us.
link1Masterclass details
link1Masterclass enrolment form.
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The masterclass is being presented by Nicola Matheson Durrant, who has a BA(Hons) in Law and has made legal history twice, to date. Firstly, she became the first ever professional, non-lawyer divorce and family law adviser and trainer. Secondly, and the reason she appeared on BBC Breakfast in 2015 and in the news media world wide, she discovered and reported the software fault within the government's online court form for calculating assets and liabilities - the notorious Form A. Her discovery resulted in a change being made to the Form A, thereby providing an avenue for a review by the court of previous, possibly wrongly decided cases.

Nicola has been assisting Litigants in Person both as a McKenzie Friend and a para legal from 1986 to the present day.

Nicola created, designed and ran the UK’s first training course and franchise package for career Professional McKenzie Friends and is intensely involved in training, mentoring and developing lay legal advisers. Her specialisation is in complex financial remedy proceedings and Children Act proceedings, particularly cases of alleged parental alienation.

Nicola is Founder/Director/Employee of the Family Law Clinic Ltd (Fully Insured) - Professional McKenzie Friends - which is run so that litigants in person can have an affordable alternative to Solicitors GBP 93.45ph or GBP 682.50 for 10 hours. She also offers Pro Bono services in cases of extreme hardship.
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